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Welcome to Muddy Brush Pottery!

Opening this online shop is an exciting event for me. I love creating things with my hands and specifically being a potter! Mom always said to us kids when we complained of being bored, "Busy hands are happy hands!"  Well since starting into ceramics I'm rarely bored and my hands are very, very happy. Now, I admit it.  I am a pottery fanatic and can't stop making stuff!  I simply can't!   So I'm opening this shop to hopefully share my work with people like you! 
My goal is to create pottery that catches the eye, surprises, and delights. I want to create pottery that feels good in your hands.  I want to make pottery that is fun to use--hand-sized snack bowls, carved fresh fruit bowls, small-handled colanders just right for rinsing off a handful of strawberries or a bunch of grapes, and cute little pitchers for gravy, chocolate syrup, or salsa!  And I hope I can do this for a long, long time.  
So come on in and help me clear some pottery off of my crowded garage shelves and into your kitchen cupboards! Chances are there is another batch of stuff I need to make room for very, very soon.
Thanks for visiting!
Janice Briones Weers

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