Designer Handmade Ceramics-----------------------------Lovely to look at~Fun to use~Made with love!
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Exquisite Carved Ceramic Colanders make Stunning Home Decoration!


These bowls were thrown on the wheel and, once dried to the "leather hard" stage, were meticulously carved creating beautiful patterns. Needless to say, this is a challenging and delicate process requiring patience, concentration, and steady, gentle hands since the clay at this stage has minimal strength and can easily fail.  If the clay is too wet, the walls of clay can sag. If the clay becomes too dry, slight pressure or rough handling can cause pieces of the fragile pattern to snap off ruining the piece and aborting the process. It is a time consuming process but I enjoy the labor and the challenge. The final result is pretty cool.  I love the contradiction of a clay bowl being delicate, light in hand, and yet still durable and functional!