Designer Handmade Ceramics-----------------------------Lovely to look at~Fun to use~Made with love!
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Handcrafted Ceramic Dishes-Shaped & Hand painted Explosions of Color!

Hand Formed Dishes

Shaping simple dishes from thin slabs of clay, is perhaps one of the more relaxing and favorite things I do with clay. I use the smooth clay surfaces as a canvas for my doodle designs. These doodles are often similar to the flowing curves and lines I use when designing lawns and garden beds in my garden designs. Lines and geometric shapes balance the organic curves and rounded shapes resulting in a pleasing "landscape" for the eye to explore.

The process of decorating these plates inspired my business name of Muddy Brush Pottery. There is a rainbow of underglazes available and like the clay itself, these paintable underglazes are basically MUD! And so as I create my designs I invariable end up with a dozen or so brushes caked in "mud".  It's all good stuff so I rarely bother to wash the brushes out. Just dip the Muddy Brush in a little water and I'm ready to paint again!

The perhaps more traditional technique of dipping the bisqueware in a bucket of glaze is perhaps a whole lot faster, but I love the challenge and the deliberate creativity that is required when I rely on my Muddy Brushes.

These colorful dishes--microwave and dishwasher safe--are perfect for serving bbq ribs, broiled salmon, stir-fried vegetables and more!  I love having beautiful, special serving dishes of varying sizes and shapes whenever I cook a meal for my family.  The colorful dishes just make the table so much more inviting--I always look forward to using them! I hope you will too...check out my stock below: