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Muddy Brush Pottery

Swimming Yellow Koi Fish Sculpture/Decorative Colorful Accent-Home/Office

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Here is my confession...We had over a dozen koi--some quite big and all beautiful--in a backyard pond. One day when I noticed the water level was a bit low, I turned the knob releasing fresh tap water from a pipe at the bottom of the pond. Never able to deal with the boredom of watching the water level slowly creep up the side of the pond wall, I busied myself with weeding, watering, and wandering.   It wasn't until the next morning that I realized what I had done.  You see, whenever you add fresh water, you are necessarily increasing the level of toxic chlorine in the pond and you must add dechlorinator! Not only that, but because the water was left on overnight, overflow was inevitable.  Frozen in fear at the pond gate, I saw that there were dead koi floating in the over-full pond; there were dead koi that had floated out onto the stone patio; there were dead koi carried off in the runoff into the now muddy flower beds.  I was heart broken! I recognized every one. My first thought was "Can I resuscitate them?" Unfortunately this was not the first time I had had this experience with a batch of beautiful koi in this pond.  But it was the last! ...So now the only koi i tend to are ones I shape with clay.

Here is an Intricately detailed, mottled yellow koi sculpture.  It is the bright yellow koi that I was never able to find to add to my pond.  Perhaps that is for the best...

Dimensions: apprx. 6" long, 5" wide, 4" tall

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